Certificate of Registration (Real Estate)

  • Code and Title of Qualification: Certificate of Registration (Real Estate)
  • Course Duration: 7 Days

Description of the Qualification

The Agent’s Representative Course is the minimal educational requirement you need to work in the real estate industry as a real estate sales person or property manager in Australia. This qualification enables you to work at an agency under the supervision of a licensed agent / principal.

Remark: In Australia, different state may have different academic requirements regarding the license registration, please check the website of your local or prospected state Fair Trading website for the details of academic requirements before enrolling into the course.

What happens when I enrol?

Upon enrollment, you will receive all the the learning materials and assessments of each unit. The learning resources have been designed to cover the elements required by the training package and prepare you to competently complete the assessments.

What style are the assessments and learning materials?

The learning guides are PDF, PPT and Word style and contain all the information required to complete the assessments. The course is competency based so you will need to study these learning guides and, based on your comprehension, answer the assessment questions. You will need to complete your assessments online and submit them to the assessing team for grading.

How long will the course take to complete?

From the first time you login to the training platform, you have a period of 12 months to complete all assessments. The amount of time required to complete all coursework will vary considerably from student to student. How quickly you finish the course is dependent on your learning style, experience and prior learning. 12 months is the maximum amount of time the course should take to complete.

What if I need help with the questions?

There is plenty of online support available. You can directly contact the assessing team if you have any questions or require technical help via our online message board. If you do submit an answer that is marked as incorrect, the assessing team will notify you via email, provide you with feedback.

What do I require to compelete the course?

·  A laptop or PC computer (Mac or Windows) with the latest version of Adobe Reader 11 installed.

·  Access to reliable internet.

·  Your Unique Student Identifier (USI). To obtain your USI, please visit

·  A camera/smartphone/webcam to video your role-play tasks.