SIIT Successful Graduate Testimonials

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Bella YE – Student of Diploma of Interpreting who passed NAATI interpreting exam (English and Mandarin) in 2015.

DoMa Yonzan Tamang  Student of Diploma of Interpreting who passed NAATI interpreting exam (Nepali and English) in 2015.

SIIT Excellent Student Testmonial

Ms. Connie — 2013 Student of Advanced Diploma of Translating who passed NAATI translation exam from English to Chinese in August 2013.


Shiyu ZHONG (04/12/2022)

SIIT is a good institute to help students build up knowledge and skills on their work and other areas of study. SIIT’s trainers and teachers are patient to every student who has difficulty. They provide adequate help to solve the problem and encourage and inspire their students.

Xiaowen ZHOU (03/09/2022)

Firstly, I want to express my deep appreciation towards my ADT trainers, Ryan and Jane. Thanks for their conscientious and professional teaching that helped me to pass my ADT test more than one month in advance. And I wish good luck to my fellow classmates in their test. Finally, thanks SIIT for the wonderful four months of studying experience.

Licong LIANG (01/09/2022)

I am very lucky to meet the two experienced nice teachers. My listening skills and speaking skills are improved through several months learning in SIIT. I really appreciate my tutors and their teaching. In the future if I can, I will come back to learn advanced translating and interpreting.

Yinan GUO (29/01/2022)

Have been studying in SIIT for nearly 1 year, I feel I have learnt many practical translation skills. That is useful for my future life and career. All the staff are very friendly and helpful, and they make good efforts to help me with my translation study. As a student, I am strongly recommend you to choose SIIT as your translation school. Hope SIIT become better in the future.

Yihan ZHANG (27/08/2021)

Advanced Diploma of Interpreting is a very challenging course yet a very interesting experience of learning. Thank you so much to my teacher Sandra and Nancy for giving us guidance and help. Thanks for their encouragement. Good luck to all my classmates.

Yun WANG (09/07/2021)

The ADI course is beyond my expectation after half – year study, I have three tutors in my class, and all of them are impressive in their skills and professionalism. They not only taught me the interpreting skills, but also shared their working experience to help me with preparation for a career as an interpreter.

Danqi YU (08/07/2021)

The most important thing is to enhance the ability of English speaking, i.e. improve fluency on every day basis, increase number of vocabs, to ultimately achieve proficiency. And also to learn how to take notes, i.e. find your own way that suits you the most. When necessary, put some time & effort in creating some of your own “symbols” etc. Good work to all fellow students!!

Nan JIANG (09/05/2020)

SIIT is a very good place for English studying. I did an interpreting course at Sydney campus. I found my English had been improved a lot. Teachers and other institute staff are very patient. I gained a lot during the past 3 month’s study. It was a great time studying here.

Sophia CHEN (30/03/2020)

It was a very enjoyable and productive course. The teachers are quite professional and the Advanced Diploma of Translation classes are great! I would recommend it to other potential students.

Ren JIE (19/02/2020)

It’s very happy with all the staff working in SIIT. I have experienced a great time when studying here. Thanks to Bai Ying, Briony, Xiao Min, John and Chris a lot. They have different teaching styles which are all effective my success. Cheers.

Peihua WU (13/02/2019)

I do learn a lot of translation skills from this course and the teachers are absolutely kind and willing to explain the answers clearly for students. Additionally, I’ve got many IELTS study mates from the class.


Knowledge & skills learnt are beneficial for both the translating exam and IELTS. But the weekend class is less efficient especially in the afternoon.

Ms. Wuyan HUANG —- September 2018

I am very pleased to choose to study Certificate IV in Tesol at SIIT. This course is designed to us who wish to pursue a career in teaching English as second language. I have learned very practical learning methods to assist the students in improving reading, speaking, listening and speaking skills. Thanks for all the trainers and I have a great time!

Ms. Qin Wang —- September 2018

I am pleased to express my grate choice which with certificate IV in TESOL. The course structure designed very good to suit the teaching background whom is interesting further in non-English as first language people. I am happy for all units in special with lesson plan practices. Stage by stage course delivery and writing assignments all are benefits to me. Thanks.

Mr. Tao WANG —- July 2017

I have learnt a great deal of knowledge from SIIT, not only about preparing for the exam, I made friends and I learnt about Centrelink, court hearings, law etc. The study was really helpful.

Ms. Lin CUI —- June 2014

This is the most wonderful studying experience I have ever had in Sydney, with lots of nice teachers and friends. I have learnt a lot about English expression regarding every aspect of daily life in Australia. Thank you all!

Mr. Mahadev PANT —- May 2017

I am very happy to study English-Nepali course at SIIT. The course structure are practice materials were excellent. The staffs were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this course to other students who want to improve their English – Nepali speaking and interpreting skills.

Ms. Ruoyu LI —- May 2016

It is a great journey studying at SIIT. The trainers are responsible and experienced. Also, the learning atmosphere is great. To make a long story short, studying at SIIT is your best choice.

Mr. Kai ZHANG —- December 2015

I wanted to write and express my gratitude again for all the efforts you had taken during the course ofmy studies in SIIT. You not only helped me in getting good scores, but also in developing a keen liking for the subject.

My sincere appreciation goes to Cindy, Sydney and Ying, and maybe some not mentioned.Cindy is my head trainerwho teaches with passion and is able to inspire me to further efforts. She is always well-prepared for class and is able to get me interested and even excited about what I am learning. Shecares about the understanding of us and actually is open to learn from us. Without her kindness and timely support, it would not have been possible for me to complete diploma in translation.

Miss HUANG —- Oct 2014

I am a student who enrolled in the translation course in this June. As I just passed the NAATI translation exam from English to Chinese in September, I would like to appreciate SIIT and all trains here through this email.

All trainers here are quite professional and have their own teaching styles. Thanks for their help to me. For me, Daisy is my favourite trainer. It is not only because her substantial teaching material, her care for students is the more important reason. When we had class in room 708, all students needed to wait for the trainer who can open the door for us. If the class was taught by Daisy, the waiting group outside was always big. The detail I have noticed was that every time after opening the door, instead of going straight to the platform Daisy always held the door for students. Only all student were in the classroom would she put the chair against the door and then started her class. I do not know whether other students would also notice it like me, but I am pretty sure that everyone in Daisy’s class could feel her efforts at teaching and her care for students. With well-prepared material, she inspired us in the class, and also helped us to summary and review. In order to let us learn more, she has tried her best!

Katherine — August  2014

Hi, I am Katherine. I’m glad to share you guys with my exciting learning experiences at Sydney Institute of Interpreting and Translating. I love this place because the course device and active teaching staff never disappoint me.

Elissa: —- May 2012

I have finished the Advanced Diploma of Translators course provided by SIIT and accredited as a professional translator by NAAIT.

The completion of the diploma does not only equipped me with the skills and knowledge to become a professional translator, but also offers me a new path in my career.

ZHAO Yan: —- March 2013

When I first enrolled in SIIT’s Advanced Diploma of Interpreting course, I felt overwhelmed by all the new vocabularies, terminologies and note-taking tactics. I had doubt about my abilities and I felt lost. However, with the help of our lovely trainers, I gradually found my direction and started to improve everyday. I could always feel the passion of our trainers and I knew they would give me a hand whenever I needed their help. With their help and my own effort, I passed the professional level interpreting exam and became a trainer myself.

Today, I was asked to give some feedback to our fellow students and I would like to pass on the advice that my trainers had given to me: practice makes perfect. I believe our exams are like video games. You have to slay numerous hogs, boost your skills and accumulate enough experience before you can meet the final boss. There’s no other way around and that is the beauty of the game/exam: it rewards those who works hard and stays up late. If you practice a lot you will have no regret or remorse. And believe me, as hard as the boss/exam seems to be, they will shatter before you, as long as you practice!

Half a year goes very fast. To be honest, the half year that I spent at SIIT is the best time in my 3 year overseas experience. I don’t want to sound corny but I indeed learned a lot from our trainers and found my true passion. To this, I own our trainers my deepest gratitude!

Vivian: —- January 2012

It was a pleasant journey to study at SIIT. At the beginning, I did not expect that translation would be that attractive to me. However, during the process of learning, I found that translation could be another hobby in my life. It is interesting and big.

If you try to find out the lovely connection between Chinese and English, translation is the bridge. At SIIT, I met some nice teachers, who are not only qualified but also very supportive. They answered hundreds of my questions about translation. I do appreciate whatever they have done for me as teachers. Also, I made some new friends there. We studied together at SIIT and now we still hang out with each other. Anyways, study there was a wonderful experience that I had.

Bianca: —- December 2011

I strongly feel that SIIT is a place full of care and love. All teachers are making good efforts to help with our English study in comprehensive aspects and in a completely refreshing way.

Jane teaches us how to apply the rules of syntax and grammar to translation tasks. During the first week, she taught us from the very basic language rules to contents at a more difficult level and we are always free to voice our own views. We have been using many resources as our study materials such as car advertisements. Another trainer Seth helps us with the subject “Using technology in the workplace”, which is very useful in searching and exchanging information through technical devices in our workplace. Their specialized knowledge and professional attitude left a deep impression on us.

I can still remember the orientation day speech given by Mr. Wei, which showed his faith in the development of this school. As a student, I have the faith in SIIT. Although it is a new school, Ihave full confidence and expect a lot on its rapid development.

Yvonne YU: —- September 2011

Having been studying in SIIT for almost a term, I have learnt a lot. Not only did I get the knowledge in the field of interpreting and translating, but also the skills and method forlearning better in this area.

Through the serious learning process, I realised that building up my vocabulary is very important for my future career as professional interpreter and translator, besides primary grammar. At SIIT, I am learning these basic skills on a daily basis. SIIT also provides free extra learning assistance to us to build up these skills.

There is no universal method in translation. The trainers at SIIT are teaching us to learn and feel the languages. For the first time, I realized that language is a living thing.

Trainers at SIIT showed us real-life interpreting and translating exercises so that we can feel the real life experience as professionals in various situations.

The more I progress steadily in my course, the more I feel that I have to devote more onto my study.
I will continue working hard in my lessons and try my best to achieve the best results at SIIT.

Jing LI: —- May 2011

I quickly adjusted myself to this new learning environment and I enjoyed being here, which is both exciting and fulfilling.

The study in here is quite different from university that I went to. Beside the load of homework, I found that there is more time for students and teaching staffs to communicate with each other and exchanging information. At every lesson I learnt something that enriches my learning life in this campus. The most memorable part of learning progress is presentation from individuals and groups.

At university, you don’t have much chance to practice in order to improve the speaking skills. As an interpreter, speaking skills are essential. Personally I believe practice makes perfect, and that always is the only pathway to success. I wish I could obtain inspiration from the people I meet on campus everyday and that will add a bit more color and interests to my life.